Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Business and Pleasure

Yesterday, we brought our granddaughter back home after having her for a week. She had a wonderful time especially shopping for school clothes with grandpa's money. lol We worked it into a business trip at the same time as there is a shop near by that wants some of my work in it that will open up in about a month, so I brought in some samples. She mainly wanted my ATC cards, postcards, purses and dolls, so guess I will have to get busy in between quilting for customers.

These pieces I machine quilted the background and added the paint for the hair after the fact. I liked how they turned out.

I also had to do some fairies. Love their little differences!

They are being put onto cards with sayings or greetings. I decided that I couldn't photograph them well until I had them out of the cellophane window.

I decided to try one with cards. For the birthday one, the cup cake foil is made from a gum wrapper.

Oh, and of course I couldln't help but add in a mermaid;)

Last night we stayed at the Hampton Inn and headed over to Lake Erie. Had to take a photo of the Marble Head light house. The views were gorgeous even though we hadn't the best of lighting. It was mostly over cast but did get the sun to peek out once in awhile.

I was most fascinated with the doors and windows.

Wouldn't they make great fairy doors?

There were a few people fishing off of the point. They were even catching fish, but nothing very big.

I love the texture that this photo has from the water, rock and the wonderful mossy greens floating under water.

I love this wonderful mariner's compass on the path. In fact it's one of my favorite quilt blocks along with NY beauty, pickle dish and others. I also love witch hats, fairy ears, pizza toe shoes, etc. It's all about the points! I would love to live somewhere near the waters, be it a lake, a sea or the ocean. Perhaps I was a mermaid in a former life, but I like being a woodland fairy too!


Dotti said...

Your ATCs are adorable! Are you using a stamp for the faces?

Jennifer Conway said...

***LOVE*** tose atc cards!! I'd buy them in a second! *smiles* ~Jen

Sherry said...

All your ATC dollies are fabulous! I love how each one is different - great idea to put them onto cards too.

Edzellinni said...

ooooh, Wanda! Uber groovey!!! I love them. I want one. Do the cards rotate and fit in an envelope? You are too, too, 2, two clever!

needlewings said...

Yes, the figures fold up into themselves, The face is a photograph which can also be replaced by personal photographs:)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,

So happy you are back! I am so happy that you are having some of your lovely work being sold in that store. The ATC'S are fabulous! Hey how come I didn't get one of the birthday ATC's? VBG
I love that one with the cupcake. The mermaid one is super cool too.
The photos are great. Love that lighthouse. Yes the door would work great for a Fairy house. That would be a fun swap at FAT.

Hugs and happy that you are back.

studioGypsy said...

fantastic little cards, UU! ;) and so love the lighthouse and the mossy texture pix. xo

Colleen said...

I adore those ATC's. they have such character!

nancy said...

Hello Wanda. Your work is such a delight to browse through! Looks like you had a real nice trip. I haven't been up that way for years and years.
I hope you do well with the items you are putting into the shop.

Patty Skypants said...

Ooooooooooo! YUMMY! I just want to give you a BIG HUG and lotsa SMOOCHES!! Your art makes my heart sing! xxoo Patty

Vivien said...

It all looks like such fun!