Friday, November 6, 2009

It's in the Cards (Give Away Drawing)

It's hard to believe that it is November already! Christmas is just around the corner, so I have been busy trying to get things done. I was commissioned to do some Christmas cards, so finished them up for a customer. This way they get a card and an ornament at the same time. Be sure to click on them to view them closer.

I also did an ATC. I try to add some stitching on the card for a little extra interest. I also like adding broken jewelry and charms and such on them. It worked out that this one looked like the boy was walking his dog. It went to a guy that has a couple of doxies.

This past week, I got a quilt delivered to a friend that I had quilted. It's called Weaver Fever. I have quilted 3 of them now, but I must say that this one is my favorite as far as colors. I also love this periwinkle thread! So cool on the black background.

It looks complicated, but a very easy block pattern to put together. I made a black, gold and burgundy one for a wedding gift awhile back.

Our outdoor dinner guest population is growing. There is no doubt that these are Aslan's furs-kin! They were always so scared, but seems that Honey has introduced them to the dinner patio! Two are his brothers and 1 is a sister for sure! Now we need to come up with some names for them. It's hard to leave them outside, but we have too many inside as it is. Mostly they need to have homes of their own. Here's Aslan's brother, his sister, Honey and Gray C.

This is Aslan's other Brother

This is Aslan's sister

It is so funny because Honey and Aslan's sister always walk together with their tails entwined. They are about inseperable!

I have decided to do a give away. So the deal is, you come up with one or more cat names (2 male and 1 female) for Aslan's sibblings and I will enter your name in a random drawing for for a Christmas ornament, like the ones at the beginning post. I will draw the winner on my birthday, November 21st! Who knows, it might be in the cards for you! Good Luck!


Patty Skypants said...

Well, my hubby's got the flu today so I am making hot & sour soup. Just got back from the grocery to get the ingredients and these are the names that I am entering into the give-away:

Ginger for the sister
Kim Chee for the brother
Tofu for the other

I think these are fitting, given the "Asian" theme!

xxoo Patty & Bhu

PeggyR said...

I love your artwork! I'm not great with names, but how about Tasha for the sister, Oscar and Jake for the males...PeggyR

RoseMary said...

I love your baby's. I love cats.
1 male name is Nakai,
1 female name is Nakia, and another male name is PoGo.

Nakai is male term for eagle,
Nakia is female term for female eagle, and they both are Natvie American.

Take Care

Sherry said...

Love the kitties Wanda. I'll give the naming a shot....

Female - Asha
Male 1 - Sputnik
Male 2 - Wiley

No particular rhyme or reason to my insanity.

Shasta said...

Okay, since you started out with a geographical reference, I'll follow suit. I like Morocco and Pongo for a males. Sierra or Shasta or Sushi for the female.

Threadhead said...

Great work Wanda!
Love the kittens!
Let's see I have to go with my culture here

Luca (boy)

KnitYoga said...

Your work is both amazing and inspiring and I love the thought of your patio being a feline diner! LOL I'm not so good at picking names for cats but I'll have a go. How about:

Manuka for the girl as in manuka honey? Seems fitting as she's inseparable from Honey.

For the boys, sticking to the Asian theme and, since they're like two peas in a pod, how about Mung and Chana?


Keep the cool names coming! The drawing is purely random, so even if the names aren't chosen, everyone has a chance! Although there are a couple I like already:) I shall tell you all later!

morningDove said...

maybe the little girl needs to be named Twisted Sista or FairyTail.
my muse is finally working. a
boy named "CharmMeLing"

Lois said...

Hi Wanda.
For the male cats I would pick
Chester & Mojo
and for the little lady, I like the name Maggie.
Good luck in picking the names.

Wanda said...

For the males: Leo and Lionel (to sort of go with Aslan)
For the female: Sweetness (to sort of go with Honey)

I love the photos! You are so good to take them in. I hope you can find good homes for them if you need to give them away.

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. We 'Wandas' need to stick together.

I LOVE your work! You are very talented!

creativedawn said...

Okay, here we go; for the boys
Amon and for the girl...

Beautiful cats, I love them... love your art!

Kim D. said...

Beautiful Cards.. Count me in for your drawing.
Your cats are adorable, especially like the two with the tail intertwined. I had pugs when I was a child and the female was Chin Chin, it was so fitting and for a male I like Cheng, it means accomplished.
Good luck with your names.

Victoria said...

Girl: Chyna

Boys: Kory-a & Kong