Thursday, January 21, 2010

Subject to Recall

On Saturday, we took 4 cats up to get spayed/neutered even though they weren't our cats to begin with, but you know how that is! We just drove home and there was a dog on our porch! It's usually a cat magnet, but not dogs. Anyway, thought she would go away, and was just resting. Second thought, maybe she ate one of the outdoor cats! lol I have no clue what kind of dog she is, so did a bit of research. I think she's a short haired border collie from what I can tell. Somehow she ended up in the house as most animals do around here. lol

Doesn't she look happy!

You can't tell by this picture, but she has a little bit of white on her chest and the tips of her feet are white too.
She's so sweet, but I need to find her a home, as a smaller dog would fit our life style if we were to have a dog. I put a flyer in the post office so if it's someone in the area, I hope they come forward on the outside chance that she just slipped out of her collar and got lost, but somehow, the way she reacts when I let her out, she wants to stay close and not wander off. She gets along with cats and doesn't bark. I would say that she would be a pretty good candidate for adoption if we don't find her owners. I put her in a collar and leesh and we went for a walk for the past couple of days. She's a nice walking dog too and is shy when cars go by. So.... if anyone is looking for a nice dog, I can certainly hook you up!

At the moment it looks like we have 9 lives around here- 8 cats and 1 dog. Figured I had to give her a name, so named her Josie, as in........ Josie and the pussycats! LOL

It's taken a bit of adjustment having a dog around here. My husband packs lunch in the morning for work. I normally fix a sandwich, have left overs in a container for him to heat up or pizza and then he just grabs a piece of fruit and yogurt to stick in his lunch box. He also gets up early and has gone to work before I wake up. Well, anyway, the other day, I had opened up a can of dog food and put half of it in a container in the fridge. In the morning I was looking frantically for it. Looks like the dog was going to get a sandwich while the meatballs and gravey....well, it would be subject to recall!


Alright Biscuit, I don't think that daddy thinks that's funny.

O.K., but I'm still smiling!


Pam said...

Cute dog. If we weren't a continent apart, I might be interested in such a lovely dog. We are currently animal-less. We recently lost our cat to cancer. It was a sad in our house.
Are you sure you don't want to keep her. Sounds like you are bonding.

Ann said...

what a darling dog! i'm too far away,darn it! love the animal photos..they are just to your kitty's smile. we had 4 dogs and 12 cats at one we are down to 3 dogs and 3 cats...i just have a love of animals!

Angelcat said...

lol, life is never dull with animals around :)

Marilyn said...

Love the laughing cat. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the heart.

Cat said...

Josie is adorable! Border Collies are very smart, they might be rated the smartest of the dogs. She sounds so well behaved and mellow... oh if my Jack pack were only so... : )

Love the laughing cat picture!!!

Patty Skypants said...

You know Wanda, you are one of the most Glorious Spirits I have met! Thank you for taking in the poor orphaned puppy and thank you for sharing the photos of the laughing kitteh! You just keep getting more and more stars for your crown!! THANK YOU FOR Bhu

P.S. Bhu's not really sure what it means about "neutering" but he's glad you help the kittehs and woofies! xxoo Patty

PeggyR said...

OMG it looks like our Bonnie did when we first got her! Bonnie is cocker chow.

Lois said...
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Lois said...

Sorry....let me try this again.
OMG Wanda!
This post was exactly what I needed to read after my mini sabatical from blogging. You make me laugh and right now I can use all the funny I can get!
Are you sure there isn't a sign up around the local vet or dog/cat pound that says...this way to free room and board and then has directions to your home on it?
Did you ever find the dog food or did hubby get a real surprise for lunch?
Biscut should be a cheshire (sp?) cat with that smug smile.
Don't you think?
Wanda, enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend!

Linda Byrd said...

What a precious little dog! We are dog magnets -- currently have 4 who are all someone else's throw-aways. Cheers and thanks to you for taking care of animals. You have a kind spirit!