Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Heart's Desire

I'm hosting a swap in an online art group, Fiber Art Traders ( F.A.T.) entitled Your Heart's Desire ATC. The ATC's are fold up jack knife style with brads. The instruction I gave them was free roam of what ever their heart's desire on subject matter and how they wanted to execute their work of art. The only stipulation was that they fold up into the size of an ATC when finished. The card itself was to be some fabric base with a stiffener such as Pellon. They could embellish as they wish, add magazine or own photos, stamping, painting, etc. I think this will be such a blast. I look forward to see what they will come up with. If you are interested in the group, check it out by joining here. It's a great group and there are other trades going on, so you can jump in any of them. If you have never joined a yahoo group, they will be great at showing you around or just give me a holler. Here are some that I have done for the trade.

I entitled this "If the shoe fits!" I had gotten the shoes from a book called Shoes by Linda O'Keeffe. The only problem I had was that there was only one shoe, so I did a mirror image of the shoe to print. Then I painted in the legs. The bodice of the woman came from this great site.They also have great face stamps which I used in the other photos that follow. As for the wings, they came from this site. It was on the Spring Garden Paper Dolls sheet. I also did a bit of water color to fill in the shoes and the queen fairy image. Although it really doesn't show up as well as I would like for it to, I add fusible crystals to embellish.

I entitled this one "A fish called Wanda with pearls from the sea!" I stitched the fabric for the fin and tail as well as adding some fun yarns. The pearls were in my junk jewelry collection. Because of the fasterns on the end of the pearls, it perhaps was a linked embellishement for a sweater or a shirt.

This last one I entitled " Skip to My Lou!" You can see by the words why she is skipping with a jump rope. Her face stamp is also one that I tinted with water color while the hair I used a flat brush on a background and painted 3 different colors of acrylics with strokes of hair and then cut out and added the face afterwards. Her arms also came from the Spring Garden Paper doll sheet. Her shoes are from this site. She has some really great freebies. Rian's work is hilarious! You will have to go to her work page there and under misc. to view that Kinky chicken! Sorry it wouldn't allow me to add it. Anyway it is worth looking at. too funky and funny! It should get your muse going along with all of the info here, so have at it and start an ATC! Vow to do more art in 2010!!!


creativedawn said...

Hi Wanda,
The journal is to die for!!! I absolutely love it! Yes, don't know how you know, but I love abs! So perfect for me. I plan to do a page and post pictures of my beautiful journal on my blog along with a first page. Your art is
A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Your HEARTS DESIRE ATc is really the shoes; A FISH CALLED WANDA! great idea and lovely Wanda...(wouldn't be you by any chance?) and lastly SKIP TO MY ... just so fanciful and delightful! You ROCK! I am not a mixed media artist...YET! but I am learning...
big hugz

Sherry said...

Love all your fun ATCs - really great!

DAnna Lawson said...

These are fan-tabulous! I may have to jump into this trade.


Oh, no,Pam, I couldn't imagine anyone naming a fish after me! LOL Thanks for the compliment. Hope you join in the trade too.

Thanks Sherry!

DAnna, Hope to see your work soon!

Michelle said...

you are an astounding artist! these are fabulous!!

Lois said...

Wanda, I always enjoy your art. You are so talented!

Talon said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The titles are inspired and the ATCs are full of sass and personality. You're very talented!