Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuck Up

The theme for this month's ATC was favorite quote. I used my hand from the journal I had just completed and reduced it and printed on fabric. I fused it to a canvas I had painted years ago. I had also saved a collection of paint that would be stuck on the opening of my acrylic bottles that I would peel off. Most would have not gotten why I would want to save them, but I saw them as works of art. Now that I have placed them in the hand as a bouquet of flowers, people would "get it" the second time around.

Yes, I save the darnest things and am glad for it as my muse usually finds something to do with it. I had an old rubber door mat that was getting pretty bad. All of the nubs were worn off of the front and of course the sun had dried it up making it easy to tear, but I found potential for life in it yet, as the bottom of the matt looked like it could be soles of shoes! So I set out to cut them up in that shape. You see this past month the theme was "things that bug me". I picked up on one of the little things in life that bug me and it is enivitably to wear my magnetic gum shoes to find that one piece on hot pavement that someone had thrown out. I also used peeled paint for the technique. I poured some out on a piece of plastic to peel off and then glue to the shoe bottom.

Miss Bea seems to be asking if there is anything on her favorite pair of shoes too!

"No, Miss Bea, I don't wear my kitty slippers outside, but don't leave me anything to step in either!"


Bea said...

I think Miss Bea needs to come home with me. lol Love the paintings, love the sense of humor, too. :)Ms Bea


Hey, that can be arranged you know. Just give me your address. I will give you a cat or two. I will just name them all BEA! LOL

Lois said...

Hey Wanda!
Has anyone told you lately that you are a genius? What a brilliant idea for both projects.
Great Job on both!!
Have a great week.
PS: Miss Bea is very pretty!
Do you call the boy cats Miss B too?

angela said...

So would the cat have human slippers? I like your work. Creativity is a way to address the world that helps us all deal with it from a new perspective.

Thanks for coming to visit too!


That would be a pretty good assumption, Angela. LOL

No,Lois, the boys aren't called Miss Bea, but pretty close as in Miss Behave! lol

zquilts said...

Once again your ATC's for this month are the best !

Linby said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog - after visiting yours I am truly humbled because you are a real artist LOL!
Love the work you have on here, the shoe thing is absolutely fab and those hands are great.
You asked what WOYWW was. Well it is happening today over on Julia's blog. It stands for What's on your workdesk Wednesday, everyone takes a snap of their work desk and we all visit and see what they are working on. I don't do it every week because there are now 100+ involved but the idea is to have fun and no obligation to visit everyone. Here is the link if you want to join in, you would be most welcome and your blog would really be enjoyed by others

Patty Skypants said...

LOVE the flip-flops! xxoo Patty

Me LUVS Miss Bea! xxoo Bhu

Theresa said...

GENIUS "roses" and beautiful ATC's!

TheaM said...

I get a kick out of you!

just don't send me a kitty - my dd has dibs on that!

love your 'painty roses' and gum shoes!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Really clever use of throw outs for most of us. A real imagination. See you next week.

Kim D. said...

Love your hand piece with the paint flowers, adorable!! The shoe piece is really fun too. I'm known to save lots of things to use for art.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh fabulous ATC, love it all, love the colours :-) haha love the flipflop art (don't know if you call them flipflops over there)
Anne xx