Monday, August 2, 2010

Treat Retreat

I just got back from a most wonderful retreat hosted by Sherry, where we sewed, shopped and swam all weekend. Thanks so much Sherry! We appreciated having a wonderful get away and the time you took to take us around the area! It was hard to have to come back to the real world! I shall share our weekend here and give an in site to the gals who will retreat with us this fall.

This is the front and the first site you see when you drive in. It was owned by a doctor who was not able to sell it, so it was donated to the Catholic church and a couple of nuns run it. It is rented out for family reunions and retreat groups.
This is the side view.

The area that is built out is an enclosed dining area along with a balcony with lovely views.

It wraps around the house.

Across from the house you will find an entrance and bridge to the gazebo and pond.
The views are beautiful!
Here is another view from the Gazebo side to the right of the pond.
To the left, you can also view the parking area . The building in front of the parked cars is a recreation area where they play ping pong and have family reunion events.

Here is a guest arriving now! Hello Bonnie! Welcome to the retreat!

To the left of the parking area you will find the steps that lead you to the tennis court, the pool and the area where we sewed and spent much of our time.

You may be greeted by a couple of resident cats. This is Patches who is the youngest member of the staff.

This is Magic who is saying, welcome to Sacred Heart! She is about 18 years old and a bit arthritic, but she manages to keep up with what is going on with the place.

There are also lovely flowers around the area.

And lovely walkways.

At the top of the steps looking down from the patio area, you can see the area below on the right where the parked cars are. You also are looking directly across to the tennis court. On this deck area, you will have a bit of a lounging area and also where we can BBQ. You see in the foreground there is a 2 cart wheel barrow where we can haul the heavier things from around the hill and parking area instead of carrying them up the 13 steps.

Backing up a bit further, you would see this view. The windows to the left is the area where we sewed in. The entrance is ajacent to the tennis court.
When you walk into this area you will see the sewing area and to the right is the pool through the sliding glass doors. My project is the first one you see that I have spread out before the other gals came to take over that table. LOL

While the area to the right of the gal sitting on the couch is a snack area. Yummy! What did you find, Kris? She can even look through the glass window to the pool area.

What a view! Here is one of the bathing beauties now! This is Sandy sporting her flame blazing cane and lovely orange swim suit! Woo Hoo!!!

The pool is so inviting! Sherry is at the end getting her feet wet! LOL

To continue on tour, lets go back to three photos ago and see the retreat area. Through the double doors is an interior walk way that takes you to the main house. There are two sets of steps, one set will take you to a landing to take you to the left and up another set of steps with scenes of Christ. At the top of the steps, it will take you into a dining room.

This is the view you would see going in.
This area could also be used for a sewing area if we wanted to.
The doorway beyond the dining room will take you down a hall. The hall to the right would take you to the front entrance. If you were to take the hall straight ahead, it would take you to the kitchen.

To the left where you see the woman standing is a huge kitchen. As you can see ahead, this is the eating area that is enclosed in glass that you saw from the outside where the decks are. This area could also be used to sew or do other projects in. There are 4 plug ins in that room with two large tables.

We have full use of the kitchen, but there is only one fridge we use here and it is the one on the right. The other one is for the nuns. The one on the right is Sister Henrita. The one on the left is her friend visiting from Wisconsin.

This view is actually from the front entrance when you walk in. At the end of the hall and to the right is the kitchen area hall area from where you just were. On the left is a big library study with more tables that can be used to sew at. On the right imediately to the right is a huge living room area. In the next room to that is a gathering area which they have turned into a small chappel area. There is also a bathroom located off of the hall area. You are also viewing the stairs areas that will go up to both sides of the upstairs bedrooms. Toward the back and down the steps below is where the nuns have their quarters which would also be off limits.

from the hallway to the right, the sunk in living room view.

more of the living room to the left with a big screen TV and through the double folding doors is where they have the chapel area. The living room can also be a sewing area or even lay out quilts to baste.
The chapel area with a view from the hallway.

The library area across from the chapel.
This is the front foyer. There is a photo copier that we can also use under the stairs. This will take us to the bedroom sleeping area.
At the top of the stairs and to the right is where the master bedroom was. It has a walk out balcony and a fire place as well as what appears to be the 7 dwarfs bedroom. LOL

There are 4 single beds and a double bed here.

To the right of the fire place is a huge bathroom. A sink on one side with bathroom comode area in the center private stall and a shower in the center beyond. On the right side is all closet area with drawers at the end of the room. If you walk around to the left of the showers, it circles around with another sink area and closet area, taking you around back to the bedroom so it is like a horse shoe bathroom!

On further down the hall, still on the right is another bedroom with a day bed and a full size bed.

Across the hall are these bedrooms. Sorry no wireless access, but could hook to a phone line.

Between the other bedrooms are shared bathrooms. From either side of the room. There is a total of 6 bedrooms with 2 king beds, 3 queen beds, 4 doubles and 6 single beds. In the one retreat room there is also a rolled up bed and the sofa makes a nice bed, the one in one bedroom and the other in the retreat room where Sherry slept as she is comfortable there because of her back. There is one bathroom in the pool/retreat area, one on the main floor and I forgot how many on the 2nd floor. I think maybe 3 or 4.

To the left of the house this walk way takes you down to the retreat house/pool area. You actually go under the enclosed over walk that you can see through the trees.
This area is down the walk on the right of the house.

This is the view of the three car garage side door entrance. Also the walk way that leads down to it.

At the top of these steps is a statue next to the Sister's quarters.
Meanwhile, back at the retreat area, the girls are busy working on their projects.

Others goofed off!
Yeah, you had to be there to understand this one! lol
We brought stuff to sell and trade.

We played games.
And hated when we lost! lol
We ate good food.

And we pigged out!
I think some went into a trance looking at all of the lovely pieces that each one did.
Bonnie is working on a lovely yellow, gold and black piece for her bed.

A lovely piece in progress by Irene that she is paper piecing.

An amazing Orange Peel piece by Lesa

Some even bought UFO's from others and raided stashes to complete them. LOL Way to go Sandy! She bought this one from Irene and got the bordering print from me that happened to work wonderfully! TA DA!
Lesa worked on a gorgeous professional bag with horses on it.

Irene worked on a couple of pieces.

We drooled over her lonestar pieces. Lovely blues and golds!
Another one done by Irene! This one all from scraps.
Here is one by Sherry for her grand daughter.

As for me, I am still working on blocks to make a jungle themed quilt. My blocks laid out are show on the table earlier when showing the entrance into the retreat room. I am still contemplating the lay out and more fabrics to sash with.

A wonderful time was had by all. We had goodie bags and even went on a shop hop to some stores. All contributing more fabrics and projects for yet another retreat!

NOTE: October retreat will be October 15th- 17th.
Attending will be:

Debbi paid in full
Gloria paid 1/2 deposit
Thea paid in full
Gretchen paid 1/2 deposit
Gabriela paid 1/2 deposit
Rosemary paid 1/2 deposit
Monica paid 1/2 deposit
Kathy pending
Irene pending
Lisa (may only come on Sat. to spend 1 night)
Wanda paid in full
Greta (during the day on Sat. only)


Daffycat said...

Wow, that place is awesome! I could so get lost there! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, Wanda!

Deborah said...

What a wonderful place! It looks like great fun!

Patty Skypants said...

SSUPAH COOL!! Man, I could get into that place and NEVER LEAVE, except for the dorm-style sleeping arrangements. seriously, no one wants to hear me snore. LOL Did you pet the kittehs???? xxoo


You bet I pet the kittehs! They got chicken and pork chop too! I was tempted to sleep outside with them sine they weren't allowed in:(


OH Patty, Snorers are no problem at this retreat. They are allowed to sleep on the diving board. LOL

Thea said...

OMG! surely there will be room on the diving board for more than one snorer? It may get crowded around the pool!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh Wanda, what a super wonderful place to have a retreat! It looks so peaceful there. What other fun things did you create besides quilting?
So happy you the the ladies had fun.


We created laughter and went on shopping trips!

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful, delightful, slendid time. You are the lucky ones..LOL That place is as gorgeous can get..Where is it? I would love to visit there one day. Thanks for sharing the experience, I felt like I was there with you.. Hugs Lisa


The retreat house is in Coolville, Ohio. Very small town with really nothing there, but it is close to Parkersburg, WV.

Kim D. said...

What an awesome place for a retreat. How fun it that you have a pool right next to the sewing area. Looks like you all got a lot accomplished.

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, that retreat house is wonderful. Hmmm, how far from Philly? I could get to Lorain in under 8 hrs. Just beautiful and it seems you had a wonderful time. For anyone in MN, visit Clare's Well in Annandale.