Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fascinated/Faucetnated WOYWW


Well as you can see Honey cat is in charge on my desk this Wednesday. Not much going on so he is guarding it for safe keeping and holding down the papers in case a tornado were to pass through any minute now!

I did get some wonderful little postage art card in the mail this past week. In an online group I am in, we were "stamp"ing on little art cards to make a booklet with. We could use one or more postage stamps on the face of our work. These are some of what I traded. Note on the bottom left, I am again using disgarded items. The tassles on the hat are actually pencil shavings glued on.
Here are what I had gotten back in the trade.

Steering away from the desk, you are getting another bit of a tour this week, as we must go through my kitchen to see what else I have been working on this week. In the far corner beyond the fridge is where the computer is where we had last been. It's a shame that it separates my long arm area. I keep thinking we should gut out the kitchen, make it all work area and put in a vending machine and trash can! Sounds like a plan to me! Who likes to clean the kitchen anyway? My sink is in the center island. although it seemed cool when we got the house 11 years ago, I often thought it sure would make for a nice cutting table and that sink is certainly in the way for that!

One thing that I do have is lots of cupboards and cabinets. Also lots of collectable junk! lol I collected lots of copper when we lived over seas along with other antique things. I even have a propeller off of my dad's airplane that he made. Yup, it's a real propeller that he built for one of his one seater experimental air craft. It's one of my favorite found memories I have of him that he hand carved. You can see it in the far corner of the past photo. I sure miss my dad, he was so wonderful with building things.

I do have a new toy in my kitchen! I use to have a two handled faucet and hated it! We had to have the plumber come in to do other work so had the single lever installed. I am so thrilled and the cats are facinated (or should I say faucetnated?)

Bisky is the first to try out the new contraption!

o.k. so I got a little side tracked. I tell you, the kitchen is just in the way. Too many temptations past the refrigerator. lol Anyway, at the end of the kitchen, you can see where my long arm machine is. Yup, it was the dining room. As you see, I have a quilt on the machine that I had been working on. I am so excited to see it when I get it off of the machine.

It has been on the machine for the past three days and I am so close to being done! I hope to have this off within the next hour to post, so this will remain in my draft folder for the moment before I hit publish.

O.K. finally got it finished in time for today! Yippie!!! Here's a little teaser of the corner.

I am photographing this while on my machine so you aren't quite seeing it all. Can you tell I am a fan of feathers? I love it when a customer lets me have my way with it:) This is Lacine's beauty.

Look at all of her flower varieties!

Each corner also has a different block

I shall have to wait until my hubby comes home from work to help me get a full shot of the quilt. It's a difficult task when the quilts get so large. Even to photograph them on the clothes line doesn't quite cut it. I will insert it yet onto this post when it is ready.

In the mean time, I also finished the other quilt that I had on the machine last week. Sorry didn't get a great shot as I didn't have good lighting that day.

I also finished 2 other quilts that are Lacine's. This was the smallest one that quilted up very quickly.

Then she had this stunning red, black and white quilt.

Don't you just love the sashing?

Well, that's all of the eye candy for this week. I will take a breather, regroup and get another quilt on the machine this week. In the mean time, if you are starved for more. You can check out my website for more great pieces.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Bleubeard is so upset. He isn't allowed on the counter, on the tables, chairs, or anyplace except the floor, unless it's on the deck outside. He wants me to install one of those touch faucets, telling me he would never have to bug me for water!

I have a huge copper collection, too. We have so much in common that way. I don't have a long arm in my dining room, though (grin). Have a great WOYWW and enjoy the fact that quilt is finished.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Wow woman do you ever sleep? The cards are simply splendid and the quilts need to be ready for the upcoming winter nights of cuddling. But your angel cats are simply the cutest companions I have seen in a long time! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. You described basically how I rust paper, and also how I rust my metal (but include salt mixed in with the vinegar). You don't need to use your "pricey" vinegar to rust fabric. Fabric will rust all by itself with a bit of water. I know vinegar isn't "pricey," but it costs more than water, and I try to keep costs low so I can buy more fabric (grin).

OH, I wish I had access to your junkyard. I'm a nut for metal and rust. In fact, that's my theme for a RR I'm participating in.

Carola Bartz said...

Great postage art. I really like your kitchen, but I think my favorites are the faucetnated cats! Great shots!

Lin said...

What a fantastic sense of humour you have. Laughing at your little cat comments.

Wow that quilting machine sure is a whopper. How you have the patience to do all that is beyond me, but the end result is obviously so worth it.


Julia Dunnit said...

How utterly fascinating your WOYWW post is - again! Great idea for the kitchen - not sure anyone under the age of 18 would notice if it turned into a vending machine with a bin!! The ATCs are fanatastic - great takes on the use postage idea - love em. Am wondering how you make time...the quilting is, well, awesome.

Wipso said...

Wonderful artwork and quilts :-)
A x

Cath said...

Love the quilts.


Anonymous said...

Wow Wanda, that's all I can say is wow! I looked at last weeks post too as I wasn't around and you have so much stuff and a lovely work area. The quilts are absolutely wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Your desk is loaded with fur, just like mine! I love your Honey cat. Pull up my blog and see my fur balls in the craft room too! Your quilts are lovely.

madebyKarla said...

Beautiful quilts! Aww, your kittens are too cute! Thanks for visiting my desk ;)

madebyKarla said...

Small boxes of Jello...that's genious! never thought of that! hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' your idea! ;)

Patty Skypants said...

Bhu has become a regular counter cruiser, especially fond of licking buttery anythings that he finds! But he HATES the sink because of the hand-held sprayer thing.

So, explain to me why your kitchen is so clean and neat. I didn't think that was allowed!

xxoo patty

quiltmom said...

Really lovely quilts Needlewings, and what a nice kitchen and quilting space you have! I have a small kitchen ( 9X9) and a small dining area off it so I often look longingly at others who have more space than that.
There is no room large enough in my house for a long arm machine but I do have a nice bedroom upstairs that is set up with my larger quilting machine( bigger than a domestic machine with a larger table bed to quilt on- it is big enough to do a large quilt- I have quilted a couple of king sized quilts on it. You do stunning work on your long arm by the way.
Your cards are beautiful and so are your cats- the cats sure are fascinated with the water faucet- funny what they get mesmerized by.

Morti said...

Fabulous pics and gorgeous cats. I swear everyone's pets have heard about WOYWW and want in on the act!

Anonymous said...

Wow Wanda, obviously you don't cook, cause the kitchen counters are too clean! I am with you, DQ works, no muss, no fuss, and you could use it for sewing. It is too great a space to not use, and the cupboards wouldn't be a waste, you have plenty of stuff to put in them once you get rid of the dishes! Loved the time I spent at your Home! And I am glad the cats are yours.