Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas.....

..... and more!

I wasn't going to set up a tree this year for Christmas, but I had this small tree that was in the closet that was all decorated, so Christmas did arrive! It was perfect for my bedroom dresser, so hubby and I spent Christmas eve opening gifts in the bedroom. The dresser insidently was made by my grandfather. He was a carpenter by trade. Sadly, he passed away in the early 60's. I remember when I would crawl on his lap and he would either have Juicy Fruit, Spearmint or Double Mint gum in his breast pocket, that he would let me reach in to retrieve. I loved him so very much and am glad to have such great memories and reminders of him.

As you can see, My Christmas gift from hubby, was actually in the bedroom! See my big sliding closet doors! Wow, I just so love them! Now I will have to paint them, but at least they are finished. Swiffer is enjoying the view too!

Yep, my bathroom is finished too! Well for the most part anyway, I have a couple more shelves and some pictures to hang up but it looks great! I am so thrilled with my new vanity top. It was the one that I originally wanted, but it wasn't big enough for the cabinet, so I had an idea that perhaps I could have it extended with tile. I wasn't sure if it were possible, but I asked Don, our contractor and he said yep, he could do it! Then there was the decision on the tiles for colors and styles. I went to two places for designs and ended up coming up with a blended color with the floor and picked up the pewter in the granite and some bronze. What the heck, they are all neutrals, I was just hoping that they would all work out. It's always hard to envision it until it's put together. Sort of like designing when I quilt. The real difference is that I can audition colors and such with fabric, but once you have everything grouted in, I had best like it as it isn't as easy of a fix to get out and start over.

We ended up repainting the cabinets as I didn't like the stark white, so we got an off white putty color to blend in more with the flooring. Honey cat is enjoying the warm fuzzy rug and seems to approve of the change.

Ah yes, we DO have a much larger tree up, if you count the cat tree! lol Don't worry, the lights didn't stay up for long as Boa likes to chew on things. Didn't want to totally light up the cat but it would be sort of fun! LOL The rest of the cats were else where, perhaps they sensed I was sort of naughty in my thoughts. lol As you can see at the very top that I had a pent house built for the cats, so it is their Christmas present this year from us. The other side is a small closet built in where a short hallway once was to my bedroom.

Santa Paws came and Boa found cat nip in his stocking! Yummy! Not that he is always a good boy though. Lucky for him that he didn't find reindeer poop. lol


In spite of the cat gifts, some prefer to sleep other places. For instance, my project pile.

Or where I was working.

As you can see, I also did a little arranging with my studio area to make things fit better. I like the openness much better.

For Christmas my mom sent us a cat rug.

little does she know that it is inter changeable! lol

For Hubby, I got him a Keurig coffee maker.

The kittlins got him mugs of themselves!
We have missed not having family around, missed the kids and the grandkids. It all seems so different when they are so spread out all over the U.S. now. I am blessed that we have phones to be able to keep in touch with everyone. Tomorrow we will have dinner with my daughter and her husband so it will be great to see them. All in all, we have had a wonderful Christmas! I am so grateful that the house is coming back together with some normalcy so I feel truly blessed! May everyone get all that they want with the magical spirit of Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! You have been the most blessed gift of all! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS YOU EVERY ONE!


PeggyR said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks great!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I love you decorations especially the cat
Merry Christmas
Mary Ann

Charmion said...

Merry Christmas, UU! Beautiful makeovers for the bathroom. I love all the pics of your kitties, they are all wonderful. Hugs, Charmion

Shasta said...

Merry Christmas. Your remodeling looks wonderful.

RoseMary said...

Merry Christmas!
I love your bathroom vanity, great idea.
You must enjoy your babies (cats), my cats do the same thing with my fabric, Gizmo, my black and white cat will dig my fat quarters out of their place and sleep on them.

ghost woman said...

Ahh UU Everything looks wonderful. My little puppy got presents too and I can relate to how your cats have to be in your work. lol
Merry Christmas

morningDove said...

oh UU thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories of a grandparent and your dresser is just beautiful as is your new home repairs. Merry Christmas blessed to know and share in your life.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Happy Belated Christmas UU!
Hope you had a wonderful day.
Your home is looking beautiful!
Your cats playful as always! :)


Gabriela said...

Your house looks wonderful! I love teh Keurig...haven't broken down to gte one yet but we have one at work and I love it! Hope you ahd a wonderful one!