Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey! It's "v"inally here! I have been waiting for today for the past 4 months! I am now walking on new vinyl and yes, I don't care that my shoes are messy and dusty as I can mop the floor now and feel good about it! This is the vinyl that I picked out for the bathroom floor. It has texture and sort of a warm putty color.

Besides preparing the floor, the past few days I have been working on the paint and trim in the bathroom and utility room. This patch of wall shows the transitions that it has gone through. The stripe was the original on the wall and when it was painted the first time was the darker color. I still like the color, but was darker than anticipated, so now was the time to make my change and I am much happier with it.

I also spent a couple of days painting bathroom cabinets and doors. They are now waiting to be put back together.

Note: I used a brush while Boa used his tail!

A final skim coat went on just before the flooring was adhered to the luan.

The laundry room was painted neutral with a paint called Weathered Wood. I absolutely love it and also the stone looking vinyl flooring!

I mean, how many people would have chosen a color to match one of their pets! Me thinks that the vinyl should be renamed "Bisky" Stone. It reminds me of the joke where this dead dog is laying in front of the door, and this guy asked what his dog's name was and he says, Mat! Get it? O.K. lame

In between all of this, I also FINALLY got these 3 vintage quilts finished and ready to ship to my customer in Texas. I had them for over a year! They were originally a quilt but poorly hand quilted, very dirty and dingy and she wanted me to take them apart, repair the worn pieces and re quilt them. It even had to have embroidery redone on one of them. It was quite an undertaking and promised I would get them done in time for her to give them to her family as Christmas gifts. They were done by her MIL many years ago. Sadly I didn't open them up for full view shots for you to see, as It was too snowy out and also fear of getting dirt and dust on them with the construction process. Anyway, I was tickled to get them done and needed to get them into town to ship via Fed Ex and also pick up another gallon of paint before the store closed. I had millions of things going on in my mind and as I rounded the curve where the high school is, I had just passed a highway patrolman. Well, wouldn't you know it, he pulled right around and followed me, turned his lights on to pull me over. I really didn't think about it, school was over, so it wasn't a 20MPH zone at that time, but he told me I was doing 55 when I was suppose to be doing 45. All I could think of when he was approaching the car, was that I was a virgin, and to be gentle on me. lol He asked me if I had any convictions and I said no. I mean, with this innocent grandma looking face, he didn't believe me and took my license back to his vehicle to call it in. I was going to tell him that I was racing to Fed Ex since I had these 3 quilts that I have had for over a year and they had to get out in the mail ASAP! Wouldn't you think that was an emergency? I mean if he was a quilter, he would understand! Wouldn't he? Well of course not, he didn't quilt, that excuse just wasn't gonna fly. Even the thought of having to hurry to get to the paint store before they closed as I didn't have a drop left and the house has been in construction mode since August. I mean, if he had his house torn all apart, would he have understood? No, I expect not, well, no excuse, I was guilty of not paying attention. As it turned out, I got off easy without a ticket. A nice present at that! Merry Christmas officer! Maybe I should have invited him over to see my nice vinyl! Naw! Anyway for any of you who ever come to visit, I just want you to know that OHIO stands for "O"h "HI" "O"fficer! LOL


Gabriela said...

Wanda, I am so gald you are finally getting somewhere! It looks beautiful! So do the quilts!

Pattyskypants said...

Everything is lookin' good! Your bathroom color is what I have chosen for our kitchen -- a shade lighter and maybe with a pinch of blue. VERY cheerful!

"Make-overs for tired old quilts!" A new Oprah spin-off????? You can be the STAR!

Seriously, I don't think a year is too long for what you had to do to those quilts. Bravo! Hope her family appreciates them.
xxooo Patty

Pam said...

So glad you have your new floor and I love both of the designs you selected. Paint colors also turned out very nice. Will you be all moved back in by Christmas?

The quilts are lovely and I'm sure your customer will be pleased. Glad the officer was nice and didn't give you a ticket.

Mya said...

Nice not to get a ticket. I got a warning ticket once, when I knew I had made a mistake, and the officer said he understood my confusion. I appreciated his understanding beyond words, but now as I write this I wonder if he thought my confusion was temporary or rather a permanent condition.

Your efforts are paying off on your redo's.
Beautiful quilts!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh Wanda,
Your renaovations are turning out great! Love the Vinyl that looks like stone. We had natural stone put in the whole house and that cost an Arm and a Leg! But we love it. :)
Hope they finish soon so you can have your home all tidy for Christmas or if not before the New Year!

Love and hugs

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have been an incredibly busy woman...Merry Christmas and I do so love your feline supervisors. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

ParisMaddy said...

Hi Wanda, You are in funny mode with your jokes and policeman stories. Missing out on getting a ticket is a very,v.v.good thing. yeah! Great job on getting the quilt restorations done.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't you just love what they do with vinyl these looks so real...and yes...I too have been guilty of choosing our flooring to match our's a rusty brown...cork floor and I love it! and the dog!


looks like you have been extremely busy around your place...with renos and quilting ... now you need to relax and have a hot cup of cocoa!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

theodora said...

boy it will be nice when all completed ,and I fully agree with you working on those quilts all year and juggling everything enybody could imagine I would be in a hurry to get those quilts in the mail,I am so glad he didn't give you a ticket,lovely job on the quilts, Happy Holidays