Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prime Time Viewing

It's been time to prime the walls, the cabinets and to find a happy mix with my paint. I have had different paint buckets around here, so am doing a bit of mixing. Soon you will see what I have concocted! At least you will know it is in the blue and green family. LOL

I am also tickled to get the door way in from the kitchen to the bedroom.YES!!!! It will be so much easier than going around the kitchen and living room to get to the bedroom or have to go the other way around from the kitchen, the studio, the utility room, the bathroom and finally to the bedroom! Who ever designed this house was certainly not a woman. LOL

I also got the closet opening enlarged! As you could see in the last photo, there was two small doors into the closet. WOW! I am going to love all of this much easier access! As you can see, the pile on my bed got a lot higher. Zack is on top now, holding it all in place. With walls and floors being closed up, he has decided not to be any part of it. He has seen what has happened to Jack and Swiffer LOL

Now with decision making, I must decide on sliding doors or bifold doors! Would love your opinions! So tell me your thoughts! What kinds of closet doors do you have?

In the mean time, I will be painting so have a bit of time to decide, so back to work and more photos next week!


Pam said...

I love sliding. We have sliding here in our historic home. They have lasted almost 60 years and still slide perfectly. At our last home we had bi-fold in three of the four bedrooms and sliding in the other. The bi-folds were always off the track and in one we finally took them off and just put up a curtain. Our son has also had problems with the bi-fold doors that enclose his washer and dryer. His home is less than five years old.

Maybe someone else has had good results with bi-fold. Maybe it's a family issue for us.

Janine said...

He he, That´s a big decision.
I love sliding doors, they look so elegant

Gabriela said...

I only have one closet that has doors that fold. I like it better, because I can see everything...the sliding sometimes doesn't allow you to see the stuff in the middle!lol

Maija said...

I love how it's looking!! Can't wait to see it all painted and complete!! It must feel like you have a new house now!! Enjoy!!

ParisMaddy said...

Beautiful, soft paint colors. There are so many choices out there. You have a big job going on. So many doors ---I love the old pocket doors and those heavy swinging doors from the old 1940 movies.

Happy holidays!

TheaM said...

I've had both sliding doors and bi-folds - at first I liked the bi-folds better, but Pam is right - they just don't hold up over time.
I would not have them again.
Besides, the sliding doors can double as design wall ;-)

Love watching the progress on your home repairs - and that green is perfect! I love it... and oh that laundry room flooring! so much nicer than the bare concrete I have, I'm soooo envying you!

not the damages, mind you, just the new flooring!