Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Beginnings

It's already 2 weeks into the new year and I had planned to make a resolution that I would blog once a week!  Well so much for a great beginning. LOL   Just like my diets, it usually goes in one year and out the other!    I did however FINALLY get my bedroom remodeled.  It was a long time coming and this weekend the rest of the trim went on.  Now I am working on figuring how I want to rearrange my room.  Here's what I dealt with before.  My step son put on primer.  Such a sweetie!
I painted the room with two different mismatched paints that I mixed and I truly love it!  We also got rid of the nasty stained carpet and put down Pergo flooring and painted the sliding doors for the closet that were put on a year ago.  They were once just two door ways and impractical.  Love it being a big walk in that I can really move around in!
The floor is a lovely medium cherry!

Boa seems to enjoy the new digs!  Insidently I had gotten the bedding at a yard sale for $5.00 for the bronze set and the the other corridinated set from a flea market.  I know, I know,  for being a quilter, I should at least have a quilt on my bed! LOL  Perhaps I shall make a goal to make one for myself this year!  Also more art for me!  I usually give away and trade so much, so I shall work on turning a new leaf.
Hubby and I have decided to work on saving aside some extra cash for a vacation fund, so each day before we retire, we each put aside a dollar a day.  So far so good in keeping that resolution!

It had been a fabulous beginning into the new year.  Such lovely weather and even some blooms!

We have also wanted to take down this tree that has continued to keep leaning for the past few years and finally cut it down while the weather was still nice.
It made a nice pickup load of firewood.
We gave it away to our neighbor who heats with fire wood.  Just in time as a day later it snowed!
The neighbor has a plow and cleans our long driveway so it is good to barter for just what we need!

I have managed to get some other things finished in the past couple of weeks.  This is Pam's delightful quilt!  Isn't it gorgeous!  I loved quilting this one!

I did some ATC's for my NING group.  This is a photo of my son and daughter a few years ago.  I used some gold foil doilies to simulate the picture frame.

I had also made a journal page for my Fiber Art Trader's group.
I used card stock in the center and used fusible web to adhere fabric to both sides of it.  It made it a lot easier to stamp and draw on.  I chose to just tear the fabric, fraying the fibers.  I used rubber stamps, acrylic paints, magazine photo for the face, crystals and star embellishments.  

And more ATC's for my Arts In The Cards group.  The theme was 2 for a second anniversary of the group that two gals started, so I couldn't help but make 2 queens as if it were a playing card.  It is all hand drawn.  I painted the background with watered down acrylics.  As long as you don't stare at the background too much, you wouldn't know that it isn't mirror imaged.  The queens however are.  I just attached them together and made their hands artful holding a brush.  Again I used crystals to embellish and then added glitter glue to certain areas which gave it some dimension. 

Now to get back to work on another customer quilt that I have promised for next week, so I have my work cut out for awhile.  Hope your new year has had a good start for a new beginning!


joe said...

oh my! busy, busy, busy! such a lovely space for your bedroom. i can't imagine having that much space to simply sleep in. ha!

oh..oh..oh! and the quilting! omg! i didn't realize you were *that* sort of machine quilter! i am all chartreuse with envy!

joe said...

oh, yay! and i get to be the *first* to comment!! how novel!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

No wonder you have not had time to post a are amazing and your new bedroom is stunning as Boa had testified! I love you are already as nice as can be!!! Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Lots of things happening in the new year:) Love all of the cards and the new bedroom. Happy New Year!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

gasp...LOVE it...'resolve to be myself...only nicer'...O lawz YES you're speaking to me -grin-.
great re-do and you'll get to that quilt for your bed...soon.

Pam said...

You have been busy. I so glad you took time to quilt my Chestnut and Vine quilt. I'm so anxious to see it. I just love your quilting and consider myself lucky that you were able to quilt this one for me.

P.S. love the your other artwork but my quilt is the best!!!

Hugs to you.

Pattyskypants said...

Now, THAT's what I need! A Stepson!

callmelacie said...

What a beautiful bedroom! aaaand As usual, I want that quilt lol.

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Loved your queen of arts ATC!