Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whether The Weather Changes

Remember that dandelion and then the snow in the last post?  Well the weather has changed again to rain and it rained and rained and then flooded....
The back yard
And then the front yard. 
Since I was up a creek without a paddle, it was a good time to quilt the past couple of days.
I finished Ann's Civil War quilt as the waters receded today, so I got a photo of this king size monster!  Wowsers!  Ann did an awesome job with such perfect points too!  I just wish you could see my quilting on this busy piece, but alas, poor lighting today.
The scrappy colors and scrappy look is so amazing!

Tonight I have another one of her quilts on the machine, It's a gorgeous piece too that I can hardly wait to show you soon! 

While preparing supper this evening, I got a new prediction for the weather.  I was making baked potatoes and found this mitten shaped one!  (Remember the one shaped like a Christmas stocking I found earlier?)

Sure enough, tonight it has been snowing!  Looks like we have an inch already.  Hopefully I shall find a bikini shaped potato now for warmer weather:)


Pam said...

Love the Civil War quilt. I still haven't finished the last few months of my Civil War block of the month. Got side tracked with life.

You certainly have interesting potatoes in your neck of the woods. The ones in my pantry are just ordinary potatoes.

The weather has been interesting this winter. We're still in the 60 and 70s. Have a few cold mornings but otherwise beautiful weather.

Stay dry.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This civil war inspiration for this huge quilt is amazing. I never know what to expect his season 's weather we have had a sheet if clear ice on top if snowfall...tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 40's. It is never boring! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez stewart

callmelacie said...

Once again, I LOOVE that quilt! How gorgeous.

This weather has been really confusing, I kinda just want winter to hit us and get it over with lol.