Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby

Yesterday was a little treacherous walking outdoors with all of the ice.  Even the kitlins were a bit cautious!  One of them sat on the back cement step at one point as I saw fur that looked like it had been pulled away from the body warmth and stuck to the freezing ice.  I had wished I had taken a photo of it because it was really funny.  I would just have to find out which one has a bald behind that had succumbed to such an act.  lol

I really do love the beauty of the rain in it's suspended state, whether it is free formed or encased on an object.
Even on a windshield, it is gloriously filled like millions of diamonds!
Luckily we didn't have power outage, but parts of our county did.  I didn't venture out of the driveway, just stayed home and quilted.  I finally finished up Ann's other quilt.  So very pretty!  I love her colors.

My day was beautifully filled, inside and out!


quiltmom said...

I love the photo of the cat with the ice on the stairs- It looks pretty slippery- so nice to spend it indoors.
The quilt is gorgeous and you have done some beautiful quilting to enhance those baskets.
Hope that it is not too slick outside when you next have to venture out.

Pam said...

What a fantastic quilt. The colors are wonderful.

Not a fan of the ice. I understand that another storm is on the way to you. We had high winds but no rain.

I'm hoping to do binding on the quilt this week. DH is home recovering from knee replacement and I'm the nurse.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The ice is so treacherous and I hate walking down steps when they are in this condition. The quilt is spectacular! Be safe and stay warm...bring that kitty in. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

Barb said...

Your quit is beautiful.....we got snow and ice but not like that.

Cool Cats and Quilts said...

Beautiful icy pictures! You sure are busy with all the blogs, I can barely keep up with one!

Cathy said...

Your quilting is beautiful. And I love the photographs of the ice. I am now following you. I wanted to thank you for following me but you used a noreply on your comment to me. Again, your quilting is fabulous. Hugs

Deborah said...

Gorgeous photos! That's a beautiful kitty.

Pattyskypants said...

That is a CLASSIC quilt! Gorgeous! Ice ain't nice, but it is pretty. xxoo Patty & Bhu

ParisMaddy said...

truly gorgeous quilt. you must be so proud!

the ice kitty is a cutie. great nature pictures.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow what beautiful photos...I am so thankful that you catched the stunning icicles!!
The quilt is soooo beautiful!!Hugs,Cat

Annie said...

Great photos of the ice and Cat. I can just imagine the hair stuck to the ice :o)
Beautiful quilts!!!!

callmelacie said...

Those are awesome pictures