Monday, November 1, 2010

Home....Away From Home

Because of a conference held in Vermont, Rog and I were able to take a bit of a vacation in the process! Despite a few rainy days, It was beautiful to see all of the fall foliage. I took several shots in the town of Corinth, NY. It was such a peaceful little town with interesting things to photograph. The lake was so peaceful!

In town there was some architecture that was quite unusual. I loved the use of the snow shoes! How cool is that to be railing and shutters too!

The building next to it was vacant. What a cool place to have a business. Made me want to move in! Love the railing too

Quite a variety of styles of buildings. This little one was next to the rustic vacant one.
Here is another peaceful area of town! I love running around old cemetaries. I am facinated by the ages of the stones as well as the ages of the people that have died so young. One can't help but feel a little haunted by the setting.

Would you believe that I didn't get any pictures of our original destination? It had rained in Burlington, VT so didn't get any the first day that I was out. By the second day, the weather was fabulous and I didn't take my camera when I was running around! Mostly I shopped. I wished that I had taken a photo of Lake Champlain and the market area in town. Really was some nice scenery. While at the hotel I did some hand sewing and spent time at the pool. When the conference was over, we headed north to Canada!
You could tell that we were in French speaking Quebec with the signs.
This is the Montreal skyline when we crossed the bridge. We got to Montreal during rush hour. Such a mess in traffic! Took forever to get across the south side.
When we got to Ontario, the signs were of course back in English. Looks sort of funny to see that you could go the maximum speed of 90! Of course Rog reminded me that it was in killometers. LOL
It was an extremely windy day, but we took time off the road to see this windmill that had it's functions as a windmill, a battle station and a lighthouse. It was a light house up until 1978. Unfortunately due to off season, we couldn't view the interior.

This old rail fence ran outside of the windmill area.

This is a picture of the St. Lawarance Seaway.
At one point we crossed the water with our car in a ferry.
We loved viewing Toronto! So many wonderful skyscrapers and towers.

This double decker bus is a sight seeing tour next to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.
They had a hill side trolley that would take you to the top of the street to shop and also view the falls.
Canadian Mounty gear on display in the center.

Outside of the center I took this shot through an archway. Loved all of the wonderful mums! My favorite flower!
I still found some very lovely roses in bloom even at the end of October!

We didn't do the boat tour of the mist. I don't think it was operating anyway this time of year. It was facinating to view the rushing waters. We had an overcast day.

This is one of the views from the lakes. It was taken in Ohio.
Although I could get use to the travel scene, it was good to be back home to curl up to some waiting cats. They complained that they missed their humans, but all was forgiven after the first day home. We also couldn't leave without at least one of them getting into trouble! This is Honey's tail full of burrs!
And so was Aslan's tail! He figured out a way to help clean up any tell tail mess by having the burrs stick to a cloth to wipe up the floor!
Well, back to the real world! A cat mom's work is never done. O.K. who's first for a hair cut?


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,
Welcome Back! Thanks for the tour, it was like being there with you! :) I really love the store with the snow shoes and the empty one that is for rent. What a neat place that is. :)
I am sure the cats are happy that Mom is back!

Deborah said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a great trip although I'm sure the cats are glad you're back!

Pretty Things said...

Those photos are GORGEOUS! The snowshoes are really clever. And I have a thing about old graveyards.

Pam said...

What wonderful photos. Seems you and DH had a great trip and saw many interesting places. I love the snowshoe building.

Victoria said...

Great pics! Your trip sounds fantastic.

TheaM said...

Hi Wanda,
Love your trip pictures, feels like I went along with you, at least in spirit!
Nice to be home, tho, right?

mya said...

Enjoyed looking at your photos. Yes, walking around old cemeteries and reading epitaphs can be very interesting and sometimes amusing.
Really like the way the snowshoes were used. Have you ever heard of the little town of "Niagra On The Lake." If you have not, and you have another chance to visit the Falls you might want to see it. It is about an hour north of the falls on the Canadian side. A beautiful hamlet with a main street that has many little shops that are know for their old doors and storefronts.


Hmmm.... looks like an excuse to back to check out Niagara on the Lake!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful vacation in Vermont. The images are so peaceful and intriguing. I love all the photos. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Cotton Picker said...

You have some great photos of your trip and I certainly recognize the Toronto and Niagara Falls pics. Glad you enjoyed Toronto. I lived there for most of my life but I'm a country girl now. I am an hour north east out of Toronto and only visit there once or twice a year, and only if absolutely necessary. :)

Betweens said...

You picked a perfect time to travel with the fall changes. next time you decide to come to Toronto email me in advance when would be glad to have ya!!
Those snow shoe would make a great pantograph design for the LAQ love some great ideas looking at your gorgeous pictures
we have a settlement in our family name ILER settlement and the stones are alot like that...great history