Friday, November 5, 2010

Quite Crafty!

After halloween, I start getting "crafty" when it comes to the holiday season. I just placed an order for a camcorder that I had my eyes set on at Staples. She's a beauty and in a holiday red too! Anyway, the price rather made me back off, but started to figure out ways to afford the $399. camera. Quite often they run sales and it was listed as $25. off plus another special buy coupon for $75. off so it made it $299. As it turns out if you purchase it online, you get another $25.00 off so now it is $274. So, while that is pretty good, it even got better than that! I have a premier status with Staples, so I bring in 20 ink cartridges in every month to recycle. (How? With home and hubby saving them for me at work! Yes, we get that many!) So each month I get a rewards check for $40.00 to spend as I wish. I had 3 of these saved up for the past 3 months, so that totaled $120. additional that I could knock off the camcorder, making it $154.00! I get free shipping besides, so with tax, the total came to $167.14 .... but wait! It even gets better than this! At the retreat, the girls presented me a surprise gift of $200. cash! I saved it so that means I was in the black with $32.86 and had enough left over for an SD memory card for it! Yippie!!!! And that's how you get crafty and get a $400. camcorder for free!

Along with the crafty department, here are some recent pieces that I made this past week.

I am hosting a trade on FAT this week. Here are some that I designed. These carriers hold nail files and such that would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

I designed the fish one to take a cover off and it reveals it's contents as well as a clever little pouch (the fin) stores the nail clipper. All are made from felt and faux suede.

In another group that I am in, they were doing a contest on a zetti ornament so this is my interpretation. The girl was actually playing a flute and I turned it into a candy cane. The skirt is painted on checkerboard style while the legs came from another photo, the wings made up separately and hand water colored in. I glued it all on card stock. I embellished with sparkling sticky craft foam, added fun wire, buttons and beads.
While on our trip, I also sketched out a Xmas stocking. I cut it out in felt and craft foam. I got it beaded while at the hotel and then finished sewing it together when I got back home. I love the funky festive design and colors. Couldn't you see one of Santa's elves wearing this?

I have also been working on some customer quilts to finish up in time for the holidays, so it's off to work I go, but it was fun making crafty things come to life while it lasted!


Carola Bartz said...

My husband is very nifty when it comes to finding the best deal, but you are a severe competition for him! Wow, loved your camcorder story. I have to show this to him tonight - hope you don't mind.
And I also love the fish! Great idea.

TheaM said...

Wow, what a shopper you are, Wanda!
Glad you treated yourself to something so special - you sure deserve it.
Love that elf stocking, too!

Diane Kelsey said...

Enjoy using your camcorder, what a bargin. Love the Xmas stocking too!

Bea said...

I don't think you can ever, EVER have to many Zetti ornaments. I love her. lolol :)Bea Oh, really good deal on that camcorder.

Lesa Marie Bame said...

aren't you the crafty one? Good deal on the camcorder..Love all the wool goodies too. Stocking is cute too. If you haven't played with dominoes lately you might enjoy that too...went to a class last week.

Pam said...

You are a crafty one! Enjoy your new toy. The price was certainly right. Love the stocking and yes I think it would be perfect for one of the elves.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,

Wow, love that camcorder that you bought for yourself. Great gift. :)
I can kick myself for not joining in on your swap of the nail file holders. :( Love the designs that you came up with . The fish is my favorite. wink, wink!
The zetti ornament way cool. She is perfect. I am sure that Santa's elves would love a pair of those Elves stockings. :)