Saturday, November 27, 2010

Junk and Disorderly

I know, it's been awhile since I have last posted. I have been trying to keep up with customer quilts and working on the house. With 3 rooms being worked on at the same time, it's beginning to look like it's junk and disorderly! Everything from the laundry room and then some have spilled into my studio.

The floors have been cut away where there was water damage and repaired.

An access panel is being built behind the shower in case we should have to get to it again. The toilet removed to lay down the luan sub flooring.

We weren't really using the garden tub and I decided to have more space, so it was removed along with those big mirrors on the wall so more walls to paint and more drywall mud.

Even Miss Swiffer was trying to get a make over with the sanded drywall. She was working on a geisha girl look! LOL

My kitchen is a little disrupted too since I am removing the pantry shelving unit and putting in a doorway between the kitchen and the bedroom.

I also have a new closet added in the bedroom and the double doors for the walk in closet will soon give way to sliding doors. For now the bedroom is torn up and the bed piled high full of stuff so I have been sleeping on the sofa. I am not sure how many cats are stuffed in boxes, but looks like we have found Miss Swiffer!

In between all of this I have gotten some quilting done. This one had to be done before Thanksgiving, so another reason I haven't had the time to post! It turned out really well and is going to a college student which is for his birthday.

I love the batik fabric she has for the border.

I was also working on quilts on my birthday which was on the 21st. I haven't even had the chance to celebrate or even blog about it. LOL Aw well, just another day. I shall celebrate big time when the house gets back together. Well I shall be off trying to get another deadline quilt finished. Hubby is getting the ceiling painted in the utility room so I have a break until tomorrow when I get back to working on the cabinets and the walls in the bathroom.
It will be awhile, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Hopefully that there will be some dramatical changes very soon to show off. I shall update as we progress.


quiltmom said...

Happy Birthday Ms Needlewings,
I can so relate to having everything everywhere as we had a major renovation in our school this passed year. It was trying at times but the school is nearly finished now and it is quite a facelift for the 55 year old place.
My birthday was on the 22 so we are birthday mates.
I love the quilt you just finished. The fabrics are particularly stunning.
Thanks for sharing. Hang in there- your new space will be beautiful.
Warmest regards,

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, wishing you a very Happy birthday for the 21st, bit late sorry. I really don't envy you having all the work done on your house but it will be grand when it's all finished. Love the quilts, beautiful colours, such talent:0) xx

Gabriela said...

Oh my!How did I forget your birthday!!!I have been so crazy I don't know what day is which!
Hope it was a great one! I think you will be so happy when youir house gets back to normal!
Love ya!

Mya said...

Celebrating birthdays after the fact is a thing I like to do - sort of spreads the day out.
I am trying to figure where you have room to work on anything, let alone a quilt. Amazing.
Hope the renovations are completed by Christmas, and that you have time to decorate a little and enjoy.

Bea said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you. I have lived with that kind of "positive" disorder. You know that there is an end in sight but until work is finished you just have to endure. Be kind to yourself, you are under a lot of stress but so soon it will be finished and soooooooooo nice. :)Bea

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,
Hope you had a lovely B-day!
Wow that is an awful lot of work that is going on in your home. :(
Hope everything gets done really soon.
Hope your B-day fairy is getting used to living in Ohio. :)


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Belated Birthday wishes. I dont know how you are managing to stitch with all that work going on, I would just want to run away and come back when it is all done. I hope your house is sorted out soon.

Pam said...

Just keep in mind how lovely it will be when completed. The "Junk and Disorderly" will turn into "Organized Beauty".