Monday, March 29, 2010

9 Lives And Then Some

I need a name for this fella! He's a Norwegian Forest Cat. Another sweetheart in my life. He will sleep beside me all night long. I am such a sucker for long haired cats. Now to find the perfect name!

This is Cheddar, my all time lover boy and favorite kitty. He's so sweet and loves to put his paws around my neck or lay on top of me when I am in bed. He also likes to nest in the sink.... so why is it when they don't like baths that they like to conform to that area? One will never know.

We have a black cat outdoors we have named Nova, so now we have Caine. Nothing like pairing up names with a little creativity. LOL Anyway, Caine is a sweet male and needs some loving. Wish we could keep them all indoors, but have more than plenty. Would love to give this guy a home, but one thing for sure, we never let the fur babies around here go hungry!

This is Jack (as in One Eyed Jack) Yes, he only has one eye and even part of an ear missing. He was always fighting with Caine, but now there is no contest now that they are both fixed. He is another good loving cat that would like to have a home. He stays at the old homestead next door, but he would like nothing more than to be loved all day long.
No picture of Morris yet, yep another one that hangs around. He is all orange and a nice big boy. I shall be getting him neutered soon! That 's the price cats pay when they enter our yard. I had to think of how many cats we have spayed/ neutered over the years and to date is 23! If only everyone else would be so responsible. At least we are doing our part in the neighborhood cleaning up everyone's unwanted litter! The real eye opener is that if 1 male and 1 female cat mate and produce kittens, over a 10 year period, the two cats will have produced 2 million cats with their offspring! Sadly 5-10 million cats and dogs are put down each year in shelters because there are not enough homes.


PeggyR said...

Cute cats!

Feather on a Wire said...

For some obscure reason only the photos of Cheddar and Jack are showing so I can't help with names. I love these two though.
I have a friend who loves one eyed, one eared cats!


I guess you will have to check back again later. I have the same thing happen as I can't view your avatar either:( Must be a glitch somewhere. Something was up with Google a bit ago.

Ann said...

gorgeous cats!! I love cats..have 3(used to have 12!!)
I will share this kittie belonged to my beloved kittie who went to heaven 13 years ago..I still miss him..he lived to be 22 and was the best ever..people who hated cats(can you believe they even exist?) loved him..4 cat haters we knew changed their view and got one because of him.....drum roll please...........
have a lovely day!!

Angelcat said...

Your cats are gorgeous!

hip chick said...

Oh that first cat is so pretty. I would love having him sleep next to me as well. To bad Mr. Hip doesn't like cats and he does get first dibs sleeping next to me.

Sherrie said...

I live in a large federal style home, 27 rooms in all. It is only my husband, myself and our daughter. When people ask why we need all those rooms, we simply explain, oh but we have a cat... Actually, the home includes an in-law apartment as well. Anyway it is all about the cat. I wanted to say Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey. I always love to have the company. This is so much fun.

Lois said...

Hi Wanda!
I love your kitties....they are all so sweet looking. How about Jesse which means "A gift",
Walter which means "Army Ruler", Hop which means"Consistant" or Kaiser which means "Leader"? Although I must admit that I like the name Ann suggested...Albert which means"Nobel & Bright".
That sure does sounds like a good cat name.
Whatever name you pick I am sure your kitty will be pleased with it.
Good luck with the name choosing.
Wanda, I wanted to say, on behalf of all cat lovers out there, "THANK YOU", for being a good and conscientious cat person and spading the animals that come to your home.
Cats and dogs need more people, like you, who care enough to do the right thing.
Have a wonderful Easter.

Patty Skypants said...

Boris. I don't know what it means, but when I am looking at his picture, he seems to be saying, "Yeah, mai name is Boris, so what!" :-)

You are a heroine for taking care of these ferals -- not just the feeding but the fixing! We have a local group that traps ferals and gets them fixed, but recently they were ticketed and fined for trapping the cats! Seems insane.

Keep up the good work, Wanda! xxoo Patty & Bhu

Deborah said...

They are all gorgeous!

TheaM said...

That Norwegian longhair looks like a Woody to me - would he? here would he? woody, woody, woody....

when naming a cat, I always stand at the back door and call out the name repeatedly as a test... 8-)

Smoochies to you for your neutering work - my daughter does this for her inner city neighborhood.