Monday, April 16, 2012

Dominos...And I Just Don't Mean Pizza!

I have seen some lovely domino books, so simply had to try one myself.  Aside from my hands being painted copper and being stuck up with glue, it was a lot of fun!
Except for the images that I recently purchased from Cemerony, I had everything else in my stash.  The little tatted center piece was made by my friend, Peggy. (Note, the images I chose had to be cut down an inch to fit)
I also had this wee little stamp from Stampin Up that was the finish for the back.  If you would like to make one, there's an excellent tutorial and more examples at Artfully Musing.

At the same time, I purchased some new images from Cemerony for a circus themed swap.  I couldn't resist doing entertainers and circus freaks with mix and match body parts.   I will have to make myself some coaster size ones to add to my chunky circus book that I had started earlier.

Then I managed to make a few chunky blocks for a Tim Holtz swap. (Sorry for the poor lighting)
Remember the puzzle pieces I made awhile back?  This one needed more to it so it sat in my unfinished pile before I added some changes to it.  This was before:

This is after:

She will be traded out in my paper doll group.

And I had a couple of photos of Honey that I wanted to put into an ATC. I couldn't resist putting glasses on him. lol
Our poor Honey cat was missing for two days.  I was getting pretty worried.  We all hunted for him and just by chance, my step son, Rob opened up the old house next door and there he was!  Poor guy, I suppose he was a sneaking in the work shop when Rob finished up.  He was very hungry and sure was glad to see us! 
I couldn't help but to add this funny LOL cat photo of the way things could have gone, if he had been there for awhile. LOL
Well I am off to my studio to clean up my mess from all of this artful activity.  See you in another chapter!


Netty said...

wow you have been working hard. Loving your beautiful projects especially the gorgeous domino book. Annette x

CraftygasheadZo said...

What super makes, you have been busy! Zo xx

Julia said...

This is GORGEOUS!! Never saw such lovely domino books before and I'm in love ! You're a great artist for sure! Thanks so much for letting me know and for linking back to me! Really appreciated.
All best wishes to you and yours!
Julia (Cemerony)

Redanne said...

Goodness me, you have been a busy bee, I love all your makes but especially the domino book - it is gorgeous, not sure I could do something so small! So glad to hear that you found your cat too.

Ann B said...

Beautiful work and such a funny last photo. I love the domino book, it is perfect.
Ann B

Craftychris said...

You have been so busy! All you projects are fab particularly the domino book. I'm so glad you found your cat, the little pickle! xx

Gabriela said...

Love the domino books!

Pam said...

The domino cook is gorgeous. Love the tiny photos you included on the pages. Also the circus cards are so cute. Love the cat with glasses. Glad you rescued him before "curosity and starvation killed the cat".

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I was in the were in heaven!!! beautiful works! Love you! mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

ParisMaddy said...

My gosh, everything is so cute. I love the little domino book. I've never seen one like it.

Happy weekend. Madeline xo